New Biopolymer-based Heart Valve Implanted in First Patient

Shri Business (New York) November 2, 2019 :Caltech researchers have helped to design a new generation of heart valves that are longer-lasting, cost less to manufacture, and are more biocompatible than options that are currently available to patients.

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As part of an FDA trial, one of the new valves was implanted into a human for the first time in late July.

The new Tria heart valve was created by Foldax® Inc., a Caltech startup.Newly Developed Biopolymer Material for Durability

The Tria valve uses a newly developed biopolymer material coupled with a bioinspired shape to create a valve capable of lasting decades without calcification, risk of clotting, or damage to red blood cells.

A condition where the valve between the main pumping chamber of the heart and the body’s main artery stops functioning properly.

The heart valve that the Tria is intended to replace has three flaps, or leaflets, connected by flexible tissue. As the heart beats and pumps blood through the valve, the flexible tissue bends outward, opening the valve. In between the beats, the flexible tissue bends back in, closing the valve and preventing blood from flowing backward. When the leaflets become diseased, they stiffen and impede blood flow.

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