Viral Vector and Plasmid DNA Manufacturing

Shri Business (New York) October 20, 2019:Viral vector and plasmid DNA is product of gene therapy, which is used in diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as  cancer, inherited diseases, viral infections, and others. The therapeutic DNA is introduced in host with the help of a vector. Adeno associated virus based vector are much saferContinue reading “Viral Vector and Plasmid DNA Manufacturing”

Cell Cryopreservation Market | Trends, Outlook and Analysis

Shri Business (New York) 10 May 2018:Cryopreservation is a process of maintaining biological samples in a form of suspended state at cryogenic temperature for a considerable period and is used to preserve the fine structure of cells. Through this process, samples of cells, tissues, and organelles are cooled at very low temperatures (less than -2130Continue reading “Cell Cryopreservation Market | Trends, Outlook and Analysis”